The Marcher is pretty diverse, he can learn from 12 different skillsets. He learns one at the beginning, and can pick up a second one when he reaches level 8.

Whenever he levels up he gets three points to spend. He can either learn a new ability or put the points into an ability that he already knows.

Don't worry about putting points in the wrong ability. You can easily pull the points off of an ability and use them on something else.


Bow & Arrow: A basic attack. You shoot an arrow at your enemy. Does more damage at higher levels.

Trap: This thrown net stops an opponent in it's tracks. The stop effect lasts longer at higher levels.

Animal Hunt: This passive ability boosts all damage done to animals.

Quick Shot: Increases the attack rate of Bow & Arrow, eventually doubling the speed.

Multi-shot: Increases the number of arrows fired with Bow & Arrow.

Meal: Gives a chance of enemies killed with Bow & Arrow to turn into meat you can eat to heal yourself.

Hunting Dogs: Calls a bunch of hunting dogs to attack. Enemies they kill may turn to meat.

Pierce Shot: Gives a chance of Bow & Arrow attacks to go through enemies.

Falconry: Calls a bunch of falcons to attack. May blind enemies they hit, making them unable to use abilities.


Fire Bolt: Shoot a ball of fire.

Fire Mastery: Boosts the damage of all your fire attacks and all your minions' fire attacks.

Fire Bolt Split: Causes Fire Bolt to fire off multiple shots.

Mage Training: Increases your mana regeneration rate.

Wall of Fire: Shoots an orb that becomes a wall of fire. The wall is longer and does more damage at higher levels.

Fire Blast: A wide blast of fire that goes through foes. It gets larger at higher levels.

Eruption: Causes fire to come up from random cracks in the ground.

Fire Walker: Leave a trail of fire behind you as you walk.

Explosion: A high-damage blast of fire surrounds you.


Confusion Bolt: A blast that may confuse the enemy, dropping their attack.

Decoy: Allows you to ignore a number of hits.

Shadow Dance: Boosts your evasion, making it easy to dodge attacks.

Confusion Cloud: A cloud that halves the attack power of any enemies that enter.

Mage Training: Increases your mana recharge rate.

Confusion Aura: Increases the power and likeliness of Confusion Bolts confusion.

Rush Cloud: Creates a cloud that causes anyone inside to dash forward. Can be useful for getting rid of annoying enemies or to let you dash ahead and hurt something.

Blind Bolt: Does damage and may blind the enemy, making them unable to use abilities.

Shadow Clone: Creates a duplicate of you that knows all of the abilities that you have bound.


Hurl Axe: Lets you throw an axe.

War Cry: A terrifying cry that boosts your physical attacks.

Dash: Quickly dash forward, damaging all in your path. You are invincible while dashing.

Warrior Training: Passively boosts your physical attack damage.

Axe Mayhem: Throw more axes when using Hurl Axe.

Ground Pound: Create a small earthquake around you, damaging all enemies nearby.

Runner: Passively boosts your movement speed.

Enrage: Boosts your attack, but decreases your defense by the same amount.

Whirling Death: Surround yourself with spinning axes. Higher levels mean more axes.


Poison Bottle: Toss the bottle to make a pool of poison.

Poison Spread: Makes the pool of poison larger.

Bottle of Numbness: Numbs the enemy it hits, reducing their attack.

Medicine: Take a drink to recover HP.

Molotov: Toss this out to leave flames.

Napalm: Combustible research makes Molotov last longer and do more damage.

Rockskin Potion: Boosts your defense.

Pure Caffine: Increases your attack speed and movement speed, but drains your life while it's active.

Potion of Chance: Just about any active ability might be used at the same level as Potion of Chance.


Fire Wisp: Summons a ball of fire that shoots Fire Bolts. You can get a lot of these.

Summoner Training: Increases your maximum MP and decreases the time it takes for all summons.

Wolf: Summons a wolf that runs around like crazy, damaging anything it touches.

Battle Training: Increases the attack of all your minions.

Speed Training: Increases the movement and attack speed of all your minions.

Survival Training: Makes your minions live longer.

Golem: Summons a golem that shoots Rock Blasts and at level 15 learns Boulder Bowling.

Angel: Summons an angel that shoots Holy Bolts and at level 15 learns Prayer.

Dragon: Summons a dragon that shoots Fire Blasts and at level 15 learns Wall of Fire.


Mark of Pain: Any enemies walking over this will be hurt.

Penmanship: Reduces cooldown for all runes.

Mark of Distraction: Puts a random status ailment on any enemy who walks on it.

Mark of Protection: Absorbs a certain amount of damage for you.

Rune Mastery: Increases your MP regeneration rate and the power of runes.

Magical Brush: Reduces the MP cost of runes.

Mark of Healing: Heals you.

Explosive Rune: Any enemy who walks on it will trigger an explosion.

Mark of Celerity: Increases the movement speed and attack speed of the user.


Rock Blast: Throw a rock at your enemy. So advanced!

Vines: Throw out some vines that stop enemies in their tracks.

Rock Split: Makes Rock Blast split up into more rocks.

Mage Training: Increases your MP regeneration rate.

Nature Training: Boosts all your damage with nature abilities. This also applies to minions.

Noxious Vines: Makes vines poisonous to the touch.

Boulder Bowling: Throw a boulder ahead of you and watch it roll over everything in its path.

Earthquake: Shakes the earth, damaging all enemies.

Boulder Rain: Drop rocks from the sky. Higher levels mean more rocks.


Skeleton Bolt:

Weakness: This curse reduces the attack of the target.

Necromancy: Enemies killed by this may become skeletons. Skeletons use Bone Toss.

Mummy Bolt: Enemies killed by this may become mummies. Mummies use the Weakness curse and at level 15 learn Dark Bolt.

Bone Armor: This armor protects you from damage until it breaks.

Energy Drain: Damages enemies and increases the summon time for undead minions.

Sores: Reduces the defense of enemies hit by Weakness.

Vampire Bolt: Enemies killed by this may become vampires. Vampires use Dark Bolt and at level 15 learn Dark Aura.

Crippling Weakness: Reduces the speed of enemies hit by Weakness.


Gun: Shoot your enemy.

Turret: Create a turret that shoots forward from where it is. At level 15 it learns Cannon.

Defense Bot: This tiny robot takes hits for you.

Mechanics: Turret and Attack Bot live longer and have less cooldown.

Hair Trigger: Increases the attack speed for guns.

Piercing Bullets: May cause gun attacks to go through the enemy.

Attack Bot: Create a robot to shoot for you. At level 15 it learns Gatling Gun.

Gatling Gun: Fires off multiple bullets in a row. Higher levels gives more bullets.

Cannon: Fire off a cannon blast that tears through enemies.


Holy Bolt: A bolt of holy energy. A bit slow, but fairly strong.

Repulse Evil: Pushes enemies away and slightly damages them.

Conviction: Boosts all of your attack damage for a short time.

Prayer: Heals yourself.

Divine Standing: Increases the damage of holy abilities.

Charity: Extends Prayer to minions, making them live longer.

Charge: Rush forward, damaging all in your path. You are invulnerable while charging.

Leadership: Gives a boost to all of your minions.

Paladin Training: Passively boosts your physical attack damage and HP.


Spirit Orb: A ball of holy energy attacks your enemy. It may heal you when it hits.

Reveal: Decreases the defense of all enemies.

Summon Spirit: Summons a spirit to fight alongside you. It uses Spirit Orb and learns Conversion at level 15.

Shield: A magical barrier that protects against all damage for a short time.

Priest Training: Increases the power of holy attacks and increases your max MP.

Blinding Light: May freeze enemies in their tracks or blind them.

Mirror Shield: May bounce projectiles back at the enemy.

Spirit Sweep: Spirits charge your enemies. Each one may heal you when it hits an enemy.

Conversion: A concentrated explosion of holy energy.