For some reason there's plenty to fight in my cellar. Where are they all coming from? Why are they attacking?

Rats. They are taking over my cellar and will soon pour right into my bar. Get rid of them!

Rats come in all shapes and sizes. There are the regular rats, the fast rats, the poison spitting rats, and the rats of unusual sizes. Be careful though, the big ones will hunt you down.

Rats aren't the only things living in my cellar! For some stupid reason the contractors building my cellar connected it right to the sewers so we get all sorts of creepy things.

Like bats. These pests flap around at random, making them hard to hit. They also like to group together and attack all at once.

There are some things more dangerous even than rats twice your size. The Snake Wizards, for example. They managed to learn magic somehow, even though they have no ears to hold the wizard hats on. They love to shoot fire at anyone coming close by. There are also huge gators that live in the sewers, and they're hungry.

As if that wasn't enough to worry about, I've heard rumors of hoards of goblins and orcs gathering outside of town. These are all, for the most part, dumb brutes that use primitive weapons.

At least, they should be. The ones outside of town have been seen with metal swords and weilding magics.

That's the biggest problem with being a barmaid. Most of the information I get is from drunks.

Okay, for the most part we're not very developed. Robots are completely out of the question for most of the populace. That's not to say that it's impossible though. The Marcher can learn how to make guns and robots. The question is, who made these things?

These are both very dangerous robots. The Crusher Bot will crush you with his crushers. It is very painful. He doesn't like it when he gets killed. He'll often let out a sad whine when he dies. It's okay, you still need to kill him.

The Bomb Bot is programmed to love people and be friends with them. When he finally finds a friend he gets so excited that he heats up and sets off his bomb. It's sad, but it's best to blow his bomb up before he gets close to you.

What is this I don't even.