Old Alpha Demo still available! Check out the downloads page. Beta version coming soon!

   A young priestess learns to manipulate Spirit Energy to siphon the life force out of demons who have invaded the land of Elduurn.

   This Fantasy Action game focuses on an original, fast-paced type of magical combat with a new spin on the concept of the "magic point". Control a Spirit Orb containing a cluster of Holy Energy particles. Fight one demon after another in over 150 unique encounters. Grow your Spirit Orb by absorbing energy from smaller Demonic Orbs, but watch out for Demonic Orbs that are larger than your own, and Demonic Blasts that scatter your energy.

   Magic isn't a menu option--It's the ebb and flow of Energy. Told with hundreds of original illustrations and a one-of-a-kind graphical style, the experience will surprise you again and again with fresh story events and challenges.