Miranda's gift allows her to manipulate spirit energy in many ways, but demons also use the same energy for evil.

Spirit Orb

Miranda controls this orb freely. It is connected to her own life force and if depleted, she will die.

Demon Orb

Miranda must not let her Spirit Orb come in contact with a Demon Orb, but if her Spirit Orb is bigger and contains more energy than the Demon Orb, she can siphon its energy from a short distance away, for the spirit energy within is pure as any other.

Demon Heart

Similar to a Demon Orb in most ways, but depleting its energy causes a demon to die. Demon Hearts also emit a dangerous blast of energy periodically. A white ring inside indicates when it will emit a blast.


Miranda activates this and other special spells by sacrificing a quantity of energy. The Reveal spell shows her where energy is hidden, often revealing a demon's heart and enabling her to destroy it.

Demonic Void

The absence of energy, a Demonic Void absorbs energy and can never be filled. It neither grows nor shrinks.


Miranda gives up some energy to shield her Spirit Orb for a short time.